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Looking for fresh ideas to spruce up your home? Or a unique gift for a special someone? We’re constantly getting in new horror toys that accommodate everyone’s preferences. From charming Swamp Thing to creepy Jason, there’s something that appeals to every spook-fest fan. Take a look at these recent additions to our frightful inventory:


Leatherface is one of those oddball villains who you may root on and even feel sorry for, all the while trying not to realize how gruesome his murders are. He’s amongst the pantheon of iconic horror characters and still at the forefront of attracting new generations of fans. Take this child-sized “Apron of Souls,” the perfect latex costume accessory for horror aficionados in training. Or, for a lovely homage, this decorative wall mount with 3D detailing would certainly perk up a hallway or, perhaps the kitchen!

Freddy Krueger

If you’re creating a wall of greats, how about placing the Freddy Krueger “Wall Breaker” prop alongside Leatherface? The hollow back makes it easy to hang, and it only takes up 24” x 29” wall space. Of course, every Nightmare on Elm Street lover should have a Freddy motion statue, featuring interchangeable arms and his skull face, along with dialogue snippets/sound effects, including his sinister laugh.


Action figures are terrific for designing your own scenes, especially in the quirkiest of places. You could set loveable Janine up near the coffee pot, and have Ray guard the remote control. As for Slimer, well, he’s sure to brighten up any spot he’s lording over. These articulated likenesses of the original film’s characters also come with props, for additional fun play.

Jack Torrance

Dorbz makes everyone cute, don’t they? Even tortured soul Jack Torrance, who’s just trying to balance the “all work and no play” stratagem during his family’s isolated stay at the Overlook. Despite the blade in hand, and the blood stain on his forehead, he’d still look adorable whether poised on a shelf, in the car, or on your desk’s letter tray.


It wasn’t long before Pennywise brightened the world of horror toys, and we love him! Can’t you hear “You’ll float too!” in your head, admiring the Funko POP! IT figure, complete with paper boat? The Living Dead Doll version is equally as creepy, but nevertheless still huggable – must be the allure of that darn red balloon…

Are you planning on adding any of our new products to your collection? Tell us in the comments section below!

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys