Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Whether you enjoy your sea of green in the form of a beer or some scary decor, today should be spent wearing shamrocks with a beverage in hand. While the holiday is honored religiously, it’s also a day for a little debauchery…something we horror lovers are known for. Celebrate traditionally or celebrate in style, but here are some spooky ways to inspire your festivities for the day. 

Dress up

While St. Patrick’s Day isn’t well known for creepy costumes, it’s a great reason to dress up in ridiculous get-ups. So, why not channel your inner green by dressing as an evil leprechaun or something more far out like a zombie? Simply grab some green apparel and lather on the face paint until you look more monster than human. 

Eat some creepy-tastic beverages and food

Aside from wearing green, eating and drinking is another big part of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Things like beer, corned beef, and cabbage are the standards. But what can you eat and drink to help you celebrate a scary St. Patrick’s Day this year? Add some green dye to just about any beer and if you’re feeling a bit extra, consider adding a lychee ball (it looks like an eyeball). Then, mold your ground beef loaf into an eerie shape. We recommend a skull or a pumpkin. Be sure to get creative. Also, don’t forget the gravy. For added creepiness, drizzle some red gravy sauce over it. 

Stay in, hang some scary decor (and don’t forget to lock your doors)

Looking for an idea that avoids chaos? Why not stay in tonight and have a relaxing evening at home with some cheaper beers and a good movie? Hang some scary green decor and pop in the one and only movie that ties in both horror and St. Patrick’s Day is the cult classic Leprechaun. You’ll be in for an equal amount of laughs and some fright. What a great end to your day!

Have any of our tips above changed your plans for the evening? Drop a comment below to let us know. 

March 17, 2023 — Alex Wilks