Jason Voorhees collectibles

Widely recognized as an unlucky day within western culture, any 13th day of the month that lands on a Friday has continued to add an eerie element of suspense and startling superstition.

Needless to say, if you are a fan of grim old wives’ tales, then you see this frightening Friday as another day to relish in your love of all things horror. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to represent your favorite psycho killer on his most beloved day to decapitate victims?

Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Drinking Party Shot Glasses

Are you planning on hosting a ghoulish get together? Maybe even throwing a petrifying party? Whatever creepy celebration you have rolled up your sleeves, no Friday the 13th affair could ever be complete without a officially licensed Jason Voorhees shot glass. Black as the depths of the masked murders’ soul, this dreadfully delightful Jason Voorhees collectible is both spine-chilling and spectacular. Featuring the iconic hockey mask, this unnerving party must-have will make an awesome addition to any scary shot glass collection.

Friday the 13th Jason Candy Bowl Holder

No ghastly festivity would ever be complete without a variety of candy and chocolate. Why not have your very own Jason Voorhees collectible handing it out to your gruesome guests? This Friday the 13th Jason Candy Bowl is officially licensed and bursting with devilish detailing. Not to mention Jason’s hands are too busy holding the the crystal clear bowl, making him unable to reach his massacring machete.

Friday the 13th Jason Mask Metal Bottle Opener

Don’t miss out on exhilarating opportunity to decapitate all the bottled beverages at your Friday night bash. This Jason Voorhees collectible is not only practical, but it will be a crowd pleaser being passed around. Measuring approximately 3 3/4-inches long by 2 ½-inches wide, this metal bottle opener will put the mask in your moonlight masquerade.


December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys