Are you on the haunt for some fun and useful stocking stuffer ideas? Since it’s challenging to work within a certain price or size limitation, here are some small, budget-friendly suggestions! After all, if you’re one of the many shoppers who are still struggling to check off items needed for the ghouls on your holiday list, we recommend purchasing chilling memorabilia that’s bound to excite their cold, black hearts.

Gift some spooktacular horror magnets

Magnets are the perfect, underrated gift for everyone to enjoy! They’re surprisingly practical because of their size, which makes them easy to place into the darkest depths of any sized holiday stocking. So, whether your recipient wants to hang some photos on their fridge or simply create an adorning display by mingling their magnets together, you can rest assured that they will love how much thought you put into their gift. While you could just as easily purchase a boring, run-of-the-mill magnet, why not opt for one that’s also classified as a horror collectible? If there are ghouls in your life that love the genre just as much as you do, chances are they would also adore a couple of chilling horror-themed magnets! Choose from a collection of cute, horror foam magnets featuring the visage of Jason Voorhees, Lock, Shock, and Barrel, and Freddy Krueger. And if you want a grim, more realistic magnet, consider gifting a Halloween II Poster Pumpkin Magnet or an Evil Ash Magnet, as seen on Evil Dead 2.

Surprise your loved ones with some POP! horror collectibles

We aren’t just suggesting POP! horror collectibles because these items will fit snugly into a stocking, but more so because they are some of our best-selling products. Start by priming your gift recipient to find out which horror films and TV series they love, and then shop our selection to find them a POP! that will make a great addition to their horror collection. Since we even carry some of the most unique options on the market, expect to find a variety of horror collectibles that aren’t as easy to find, like Coraline’s Mr. Bobinsky POP!, Five Nights at Freddy’s Pig Patch, and Little Shop of Horrors’ Orin Scivello.

Top if off with keychains, patches, and pen toppers

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly item to pair with another gift or a cheaper option to fulfill your secret Santa price limit, the following horror collectibles are small, but mighty, and are guaranteed to have your ghouls smiling from ear to ear. Enjoy perusing our collection of keychains, patches, and pen toppers to find the perfect extension to your horror-themed, holiday present! Made from the top horror collectible companies in the country, these keepsake items are high-quality and are the spitting image of some of the genre’s most adorned villains.

Which of the above stocking stuffer categories featured the best selection? Please let us know which we need to expand on in the comments section below.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys