While horror aficionados are likely to love any type of paranormal film put in front of them, for entertainment purposes, subgenres exist to play on our different fears. Whether you tend to triple check your doors are locked at night or stay out of the dark, these feelings and experiences are part of what makes our favorite films so frightful. Continue reading to learn about four of the most popular horror movie genres!

Slasher horror

As one of the most beloved horror movie genres, slasher horror follows the treacherous tale of a killer stalker that murders a group of characters. Although the term “slasher” is occasionally used to describe a horror film involving murder, there are establishing characteristics of this subgenre that set it apart from a simple splatter film—the formula must include a past wrongful action causing severe trauma to the villain that’s reinforced by a commemoration or anniversary, reactivating or re-inspiring the killer to take action.

Some of our favorite slasher horror movies to check out are:

Zombie horror

While this horror movie genre is self-explanatory, zombie horror films are dedicated to the portrayal of reanimated corpses or virally infected human beings. Although some are downright scary, others feature comedy and light-heartedness, alongside blood, gore, and cannibalism. Aesthetically speaking, these types of flicks also tend to focus on pre or post-apocalypse backstories.

Some of our favorite zombie horror movies to check out are:

  • Dawn of the Dead
  • 28 Days Later
  • Night of the Living Dead

Folk horror

There’s some pretty scary folklore out there, so why not make use of these fear-bending legends to invoke fear in an audience? Folk horror utilizes mythology by creating storylines that include elements such as a rural setting and themes of isolation, religion, and the power of nature. Although many folk horror films have supernatural qualities, most derive from the beliefs of people, which is what makes them even scarier.

Some of our favorite folk horror movies to check out are:

Body horror

Otherwise known as biological horror, this subgenre intentionally showcases grotesque or psychologically disturbing violations of the human body. Manifested by elements like mutations, mutilations, disease, or unnatural movements, body horror is one of the most unnerving horror movie genres. Camera angles, props, and lots of visual effects are essential for this thriving subgenre.

Some of our favorite body horror movies to check out are:

Which of the above horror movie genres are you most interested in? Drop a comment below and be sure to include your favorite film!

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys