While you’re probably quite familiar with many notable bogeymen lurking around in popular slasher, paranormal and supernatural horror films, you may be alarmed to learn that there is a sub-genre in the industry called superhero horror. Now, while there are regular, everyday people who under extraordinary circumstance gain superpowers, however, when it comes to superhero horror, these mysterious beasts are often created from something more demonic. Thus, whether the characters choose to follow a devilish path is entirely dependent on the movie, but for many of these chilling souls, the power is beyond their control.

What are some memorable superhero horror films?

Satanic protagonists like Hellboy and Devilman are just a couple examples of the genre’s inclusive ability to expand its limits of darkness. That being said, here is our list of a few superhero films and franchises that possess maniacally, frightening superpowers.

The Blade franchise: Based on the Marvel comics character the storyline follows a half-mortal character named Blade on his journey to eradicate some technologically advanced vampires.

The Crow: Eric Draven is an undead avenger who has risen from his grave to track down the thugs responsible for murdering him.

Ghost Rider: Johnny Blaze once sold his soul to save a loved one, now he transforms into a fiery, avenging creature that prowls at night where evil roams.

Devilman: Based on a Japanese manga series, the story follows a teenage boy who manages to harness the power and strength of a demon in order to fight and save humanity.

Hellboy: This demon-witch offspring helps the American government with various paranormal investigations.

What superhero horror films can we anticipate?

Although there was a recent Hellboy reboot that was just released last month, many horror fans are anticipating a film that is expected to breathe life back into the superhero horror sub-genre. That being said, how many of you have heard of Brightburn?

On Memorial Day, a child from another dimension will crash-land on earth, or in your nearest movie theatre, although instead of becoming a superhero destined to save humanity, this supernatural creature will cast a dark, sinister shadow on the people around him. Equipped with glowing red eyes and a red, flowing cape, this superhero plot sequence will quickly be turning into something far more disturbing.

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December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys