Any horror fans out there celebrating a Krampus Christmas? If your lack of devilishly horned home decor is what’s keeping you from honoring this European pagan tradition, you better take some time to stock up for next winter solstice. Since Krampus is a loose translation of the German word “Krampen” meaning claw, how about lacerating and mangling what you thought Christmas was and making a new holiday tradition? Read below to find out which Krampus-inspired collectibles you need to order today.

Krampus and Dark Elf enamel pins

It wouldn’t be a Krampus Christmas without some accessories for dark worship! Choose between two gruesomely detailed enamel pinsKrampus Stekkjarstaur Sheep Cote Code Enamel Pin and Krampus Dark Elf Gluggagaegir Window Pepper Enamel Pin—and place it on your holiday shirt, jacket, backpack, or purse to show off your desire for a spooky Hauntmas. The best part is each pin comes in full, dynamic color, sitting at 1.5” tall with a soft rubber clutch backing. That way you can even wear it to your holiday events without your religious relative freaking out.

Krampus and Dark Elf fear fresheners

Do you want your Krampus Christmas to extend into the new year? Embellishing the enamel pin design, Trick R’ Treat Studios also created some exciting car air fresheners in the image of Krampus and his favorite minion, the Dark Elf. Don’t own a car? No problem. The amazing elastic string will allow you to your new purchase to just about anything. You can even hang it from your Christmas tree to spread holiday fear…and amazing scents!

Krampus mask

Your Krampus Christmas wouldn’t be complete with a visit from Krampus himself. Since no one wants to chance to be naughty this holiday season or the next, why not opt to purchase a Krampus mask and visit your loved ones. Just don’t beat them with branches and sticks if you’re hoping to continue being invited to future events.

Our Krampus mask is big, bold, and an exact movie replica of Michael Dougherty’s Krampus. All you need is a red silky coat and you can easily complete this look.

Since many of our Krampus collectibles are currently out of stock, be sure to pin the following link and start hunting early for next season.

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December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys