It’s not always easy to keep a New Year’s resolution, especially if your proposed commitment requires you to drastically change your habits or lifestyle. However, for those of you who made the feasible promise of change to your home, rather than yourself, perhaps we can help you uphold your 2019 resolution with a few additions of horror accessories to your crypt.

Stylized horrornaments will do the trick

Just because Christmas has come and gone, doesn’t mean that your decor can’t pay homage to the annual festivity. While horrornaments look absolutely spooktacular hanging from your devilishly dark fir tree during the holiday season, they can also look equally as eerie-sistable swaying from your houseplant, sitting on your fireplace mantle or as a decorative centerpiece on your coffee table. After all, your demonic spirit doesn’t get packed up and put away between festive seasons, so, why should your decor?

Add an artistic flair to your space

If you’re a horror lover who enjoys thought-provoking art then perhaps a spooky art print could become the spine-chilling highlight of your living space? Whether you prefer a vibrant, colorful scene from your favorite horror film or simply relish in the ominous black and white detail of an otherworldly villain, a horror art print will without a doubt darken your home with mystery and ghoulish delight.

Throw an eerie charm on your comfy couch

One of the best ways to add comfort and character to your home is by decorating it with personal effects that embellish things you love. So, why not put a few hair-raising horror throw pillows in all your comfy nooks? Not only will you be creating an environment that is relaxed and enjoyable through the use of soft, plush pillows, but you’re also inviting your guests into your home by lighting up a spark of your identity. Who knows, maybe they too find horror accessories absolutely magnetic?

Enrich your home decor with a few rustic signs

There is also something striking about the aesthetic appeal of signage throughout the home. That being said, spooky horror signs are a perfect, budget-friendly way to re-design your crypt and flaunt your horror lovin’ personality for your guests to see. Offered in a variety of materials — lightweight plastic, molded foam or rustic metal — a horror sign adds a unique touch to your otherwise drab wall space and also embellishes your rare and exclusive otherworldly desires.

Are there any other spooktacular ways that you hope to re-design your home this year? Tell us in the comments section below.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys