When it comes to creating spine-chilling, hair-raising films, horror props play a crucial role in setting the eerie ambiance and heightening the fear factor. These props are meticulously chosen to immerse the audience in a nightmarish experience, amplifying the suspense and terror on screen. That said, with so many horror props used across the genre, we wanted to explore which ones were most frequent in the world of filmmaking.

Fake blood

Perma blood, both in liquid and solid forms, is one of the best props for horror movies. Not only does it work well for simulating wounds and injuries, but it helps to create realistic organ replicas and create gruesome scenes like gory splatters for the ultimate horrifying visual impact. 

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Used and beloved by horror villains alike, various menacing weapons like knives, axes, chainsaws, and machetes are commonly found in all types of movies within the genre. These props aid characters in evoking fear and danger, making the audience apprehensive about what might happen next. For some horror icons, weapons have even become a symbol of their identity—the razor glove for Freddy Krueger, the machete for Jason Voorhees, and the chainsaw for Leatherface

Dolls and mannequins

Inherently eerie, dolls and mannequins have been utilized in countless horror films to invoke a sense of uncanniness and unease. Their lifeless, doll-like features can transform benign objects into terrifying entities. 

Creepy masks

Masks are a powerful tool to conceal identities and instill fear. Whether it’s a latex mask, a vacuum form mask, or the famous Jason Voorhees hockey mask, these visages are often employed to create an unsettling and mysterious atmosphere.  

Candles and dim lighting

Lighting is a key component in any film, especially horror. Since candles can cast spooky shadows and create a dim, foreboding ambiance, they work alongside other forms of low lighting to intensify the fear factor of the room and the audience. 

In the hands of skillful filmmakers, these horror props can transform an ordinary scene into a heart-pounding, nerve-wracking experience for the audience. From gore and weaponry to dolls and eerie lighting, each prop contributes to the art of terror. 

Which of the above horror props do you love seeing on the big screen? If you can’t pick, just list them all.

October 13, 2023 — Alex Wilks