Creating a spine-tingling Halloween display that leaves passersby with the chills is all about the right selection of spooky horror props. Having a wide variety of macabre decorations set the stage for a memorable and terrifying Halloween experience. Listed below are some of our favorite frighteningly effective horror props that will guarantee to heighten your horror display this season. 

Rattle some skeletons

Since skeletons are used to resemble the afterlife, they are great horror props for a Halloween display. Pose your skeletal figure in eerie positions, like crawling out of the ground or hanging from a tree, be sure to have more than one lurking around to add to the overall spookiness of your haunted setup. 

Stretch out some cobwebs and place spiders

Nothing screams nightmarish like cobwebs filled with some creepy spiders. Stretch and drape realistic-looking cotton webs over some bushes, doorways, and windows. Then, add oversized, hairy spiders to complete the creepy scene. If you want to take it to the next level, you can even create some bug-infested victims using mannequins, dummies, or creepy old dolls with cracked faces and dirty clothes. 

Bring on the fog

Fog machines are the perfect horror props to create an eerie atmosphere within your Halloween setup. With billowing fog to obscure vision and create an unsettling ambiance, you can get that horror movie look, complete with dramatic lighting effects and music. 

Build a graveyard

Out of respect for the dead, we don’t recommend visiting a gravesite for your Halloween festivities, but you can replicate a fake one in your yard to celebrate the occasion. Scatter some foam, weathered-looking tombstones throughout your property to create some makeshift graves. Be sure to use ground stakes to hold them in place and consider placing some lighting and other spooky figures to tie it all together. 

Bloody body parts

While these horror props would look terrifying placed in your graveyard, there are lots of places where you can scatter severed limbs, heads, and other body parts around your display. Fake blood also goes a long way in making your home appear freshly gruesome. 

Make it like a true horror movie

Since so many of our favorite films involve an asylum or quarantine zone, consider placing some biohazard signs, chains, or restraint props to make passersby go a little crazy for your Halloween display.

Remember to consider the overall theme and tone you want for your horror display. Whether you’re aiming to create a classic haunted house, a zombie apocalypse, or a supernatural haunting, the above horror props will help you to craft this experience. 

What theme are you hoping to create with our horror props? Drop a comment below to share your ideas.

September 22, 2023 — Alex Wilks