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Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones, But Nothing Will Ever Kill Me."

There are many terrifying fictional antagonist characters out there, but there's nothing like the iconic Freddy Krueger. He is even arguably one of the best villains in horror film history, and here's why.

The famous Freddy Krueger started his debut way back in 1984 with the hit film created by Wes Craven called A Nightmare On Elm Street. His backstory started off with his mom Amanda Krueger who was raped by over 100 psychopaths raped as she was working in the hospital.

His sinister back story never stopped there as he became a notorious murderer of children in Springwood later in his life as people labeled him the "Springwood Splasher." Eventually, his victim's parents managed to track Freddy Krueger and set the murderer on fire which caused his burnt face.

Just as Freddy Krueger's story couldn't get any better, the Dream Demons found a way to possess Freddy's body, which allowed him to terrorize and haunt children in a much more horrifying way. Krueger, in the film, continued to prey on children through their dreams as his vengeance grew much further than ever.

The film Nightmare On Elm Street, along with Freddy Krueger, may have long been in the past, but his horrifying story remains relevant and timeless even today. If you're a fan of Elm Street Horror Films, we are pleased to inform you that we've got vast collectibles of Freddy Krueger waiting for you to grab on.

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