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Are you a die-hard fan of Iron Maiden? Or a passionate Funko Pop collector? Perhaps both? At Nightmare Toys, we celebrate the legendary heavy metal band, Iron Maiden, with a special category dedicated to the official Iron Maiden Funko Pop collection.

Iron Maiden's iconic album artwork and monstrous mascot, Eddie, have played pivotal roles in defining the band's unique image. From the eerie darkness of the "Killers" cover to the science fiction-inspired "Somewhere in Time", each album is an unforgettable piece of music history. What better way to commemorate Iron Maiden’s memorable aesthetic than with our collection of Iron Maiden Funko Pops?

Our collection is a treasure trove that features different incarnations of Eddie - the band's fearsome and enduring mascot. Whether you're after the "Number of the Beast" Devil Eddie, the "Pharaoh Eddie" from Powerslave, the "Cyborg Eddie" from Somewhere in Time, or the "Trooper Eddie" inspired by their eponymous song, you're guaranteed to find your favorite version here. Each Eddie Funko Pop captures the unique essence and detailed artwork of Iron Maiden's album covers, making them not just toys, but collectible pieces of heavy metal history.

At Nightmare Toys, we understand the passion and dedication of collectors. That's why we ensure our Funko Pops are authentic, high quality, and carefully packaged for safe delivery. Don't miss out on the chance to add these spectacular pieces to your collection or gift them to a fellow Iron Maiden enthusiast.

Take a look at our collection and let the Iron Maiden Funko Pops bring a piece of heavy metal history to your shelf. Don't forget to frequently visit this page to check out new additions and limited editions. At Nightmare Toys, we make your collector dreams come true, even if they might be a little...nightmarish.

After all, we believe in the words of Iron Maiden: "Fear of the Dark", yes, but never fear of showcasing your love for this legendary band. Get ready to up the Irons with Nightmare Toys!