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Are you on the haunt for a cheap horror mask that’s both unique and life-like? Well, if a dreadful disguise is something you sought after to chill you out, why not consider adding a few frightful vacuform Halloween masks to your ever-growing costume collection? Authentic, genuine, strange and exclusive are just a few ghastly words that we use to describe these mysterious must-haves. Although, for those of you who don’t know what a vacuform Halloween mask is, why not take the time to scroll through the assemblage below to see what all the hype is about? After all, these high-quality, cheap horror masks are climbing the ladder of the costume market and will soon become a common finishing touch for all your ghostly garbs. Vacuform Halloween masks are an off-white mask that features a gory blood splatters across the surface. They’re made using vacuform material, a rectangular piece of hallowed plastic, and are held together through the use of high heat and connected by an elastic band to hold them in place. Essentially, these cheap horror masks are a thrilling throwback to the classic Halloween masks of the 1960s. Nightmare Toys has so many wicked Vacuform Halloween masks, each fitted and stylized to match your favorite, frightening fiend. With everything from the Saw franchise’s Billy Puppet mask, to The Strangers Pin Up Girl mask and everything eerie and spooky in between and the best part is the insanely, uncanny qualities! Each mask is delicately sculpted featuring devilish, unheard-of details that make them feel and look as if the adorned character has simply jumped right off of the Television screen. That being said, you could soon be the hair-raising imp of the party, the shallow demon who enjoys dressing up in the most charming, otherworldly apparel or the misleading mime stalking some panicked peers. Needless to say, whatever your desires, folklore or superstitious, you’ll be able to find a vacuform mask to pridefully masquerade around in.