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Zombies have been around for ages, or at least in the realm of fictional creatures that have captured people's attention in mainstream movies or TV shows. Looking back, the zombies found their way into pop culture way back in 1968 from George Romero's masterpiece film called Night of the Living Dead. Since then, the idea of the living dead has become an inspiration for films to this day. From the hit show The Walking Dead, or even the famous film World War Z, the idea of a zombie apocalypse seems to be an exciting concept for so many people, which led to the success of these creations. Indeed, the zombies don't stop in films or tv shows. They also made their mark as a go-to Halloween costume for kids and adults. The iconic look of the undead, even though many versions vary from films, remains iconic for people as they try to capture that same look for parties and events. The idea of an ordinary person being turned into a zombie raises many costume ideas wherein you could attempt to be a zombie doctor, zombie bride, zombie schoolgirl, or anything you like. Zombie Costumes for Sale If you're currently looking to grab the show and have the most realistically terrifying costume at the Halloween party, a zombie costume is undoubtedly an excellent choice. Nightmare Toys carry a full selection of zombie costumes for adults and kids, perfect as Halloween costumes. Check out our frightening selection online here at Nightmare Toys today!