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Jeepers Creepers Mask Sculpted by Brian Penikas

Trick or Treat Studios is proud to present the Official Jeepers Creepers The Creeper Halloween Mask!

Sculpted by the creator of The Creeper for Jeepers Creepers Parts 1 and 2, Master FX Artist Brian Penikas, this is the most accurate Creeper mask ever produced! How can we make such a cliam you ask? Because this mask came directly from Brian’s screen used master mold of the Creepers. So now you can buy a mask of The Creeper directly from the movie mold!

So order your Official Jeepers Creepers The Creeper mask and get yourself our Officially licensed Jeepers Creepers, the Creeper Hat and go out into the night this Halloween as one of the most recognizable monsters in modern cinema.

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Trick Or Treat Studios


Weight 1.0000000 lbs
Dimensions 12.0000000 × 10.0000000 × 3.0000000 in


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