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Puppet Master Ultimate Pinhead & Tunneler 2-Pack

Own not one but two reanimated puppets with this spooktacular duo—Puppet Master Ultimate Pinhead & Tunneler 2-Pack—which features two demonic horror toys that identically replicate Pinhead and Tumbler from the famous Puppet Master franchise.

  • Pinhead: Before he became a puppet, Pinhead’s human soul was known as Herman Strauss—a trucker who secretly brought food to the Jewish ghettos in the Second World War. As a result of his treason, he was executed in the gas chambers by the Nazis. Now reformed by an evil puppeteer, Pinhead uses his two big hands and his unnatural strength to pull off the limbs of his victims.
  • Tunneler: Before he became a puppet, Tunneler’s human soul was known as Joseph Sebastian—an ex-German soldier who disagreed with Adolf Hitler’s movement. His refusal to steal Polish treasure resulted in his death. As another soul that was brought back by the evil puppeteer, Tunneler possesses a cone-shaped power drill head, which he used to impale his victims by charging them head-on with the drill running.

Was: $29.99

Now Only: $24.99

A Nightmare On Elm Street Mega Freddy Krueger With Sound Feature

The hideous, dream-haunting slasher we all know and love is now a 15” talking doll. Dressed in his infamous striped sweater and fedora, while equipped with a razor-tipped glove, this horror toy pays homage to the original film. The best part is that he talks! Spewing 5 nightmare-inducing phrases including, “You think you was going to get away from me?!” this demonic horror toy is the perfect collect-friendly villain to put on display.

Was: $97.99

Now Only: $89.99

Alien Xenomorph ReAction Figures

Your favorite alien species are now available in six 3.75” figures; this means you can buy one or collect them all. As ideal starter pieces for any sci-fi collection, the Xenomorph is the ultimate extraterrestrial being, featured in its multi-staged life cycle. While you wouldn’t want to come face-to-face with these deadly creatures, they would greatly compliment the shelves of your home.

Was: $17.99

Now Only: $14.99

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December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys