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The Purge franchise elevates the psychopathic killer in us all. These four gruesome films focus on a dystopian world in which an annual American holiday allows all crimes to be legal, including murder, for a period of 12 hours. As one of the most favored slasher series, horror movie lovers relish in its original idea and exciting plot line leaving no character safe. Although the newest film premiered in theatres early last month, there are many things that the fans still don’t know about this bloodcurdling saga. Here are four frightfully fun facts.

1) Road rage inspired the franchise

James DeMonaco, director of the series, came up with the idea for the Purge franchise after he was involved in a fight with another motorist. DeMonaco and his wife were nearly killed by the driver because he was drunk behind the wheel. The violent road rage incident lead DeMonaco to wrestle the intoxicated man to the ground while they waiting for the police. His wife said that this incident was the contributing factor that sparked the unique idea.

2) One of the lead characters was cast the day before the original film shot

Rhys Wakefield, the polite leader, is best known for his monologue delivered to the Sandin’s through their home security camera during the intro to the first film. DeMonaco loved his sly confidence and was thrilled when he finally found the actor, as he was beginning to panic the day before shooting.

3) The Purge symbolizes a spiritual renewal

Every year the purge takes place the day before March’s Spring equinox as a way of symbolizing a new beginning or the rebirth of the nation.

4) The director was obsessed with the Charles Manson murders

DeMonaco based many of his creepy, killer characters on Charles Manson because he was obsessed with his case as a child. The polite leader, played by Wakefield, embodied the most spirit of the real-life psychopath, from his sly personality, his cult-like leadership and even the brutal home invasion that was actually loosely based on the violent killing of actress Sharon Tate.

Are you as obsessed with the Purge Franchise as we are? Do you know any more awesome facts that we didn’t mention? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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