horror school supplies

It’s almost that dreadful time of year once again where you wave goodbye to your boo-tiful summer vacation and say hello to the frightening shackles that will secure your body and mind to a desk for the next ten months. You can try to escape the alarming factor that back to school is right around the corner or you can accept the horrifying reality that you will soon join your fellow classmates as a corpse-like zombie staring at the chalkboard. Needless to say, grabbing yourself some horror school supplies should be at the top of the list to avoid your grim insanity.

You’ll need a new lunch box

Let’s face it, the best part about going back to school is all the ghoulish goodies you get to stuff your face with. Is it just me, or is the pantry always stocked full of extra delightful snacks once it’s time to start the school year? Keep your hands free and your treats all for yourself by hiding them away in a Human Organ Gen 2 Fun Box Tin Tote. This retro styled lunch box will truly have you taking your role as a zombified student seriously, with the words “human organ for transplant” boldly placed. Standing approximately 8” wide, 7” tall and 4” deep, this lunch box should be the top item on your list of horror school supplies. After all, haven’t you always wanted to be properly prepared for the unnerving start of a zombie apocalypse?

How about a spooky t-shirt to wear for you school picture?

Dress-up with a little business in the front to impress the parents, but a little party in the back to impress peers. This stylish Kreepsville 666 Cleave Me Alone Cardigan attempts to cloak your horror-obsessed spirit, but nothing can contain your ghoulish personally. Featuring subtle, embellished meat cleavers in place of buttons on the front, your mom will finally get the boo-tiful school photo she has always dreamt of. Yet, when your turn around it will send a chill up her spine to see a skeletal hand resting around your head and the two devilishly large meat cleavers soaked in blood across your back. You tried. What a chilling prank!

Coffee, coffee and more coffee

Back to school isn’t just about the kids. After all, teachers still need to brace the alarming fate that they will need to awaken from their crypt and get back into the boring routine. Nothing will quite wake up your corpse-like body better than a dark, black cup of coffee. Join your zombie students and embrace the dawn of the dead with a mug that was inspired by the 1978 classic horror film. Now that’s some dead-ication!

Which back to school horror supplies will be on your list? Tell us in the comments section below.


December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys