Getting out into nature is always a highlight of the summer, but if the horror genre has taught us anything, it’s that venturing out into a remote area of the woods is usually a recipe for a slasher, cult-like disaster. So, before you get out into the woods, be sure to brush up on some scary campfire stories and take the time to reconnect with your love of horror to ensure that you can tell a tale that makes your listeners never want to leave the comforts of civilization again!

Friday the 13th (1980)

The film that inspired a slasher franchise captures the horrors of glamping at Camp Crystal Lake. After Jason Voorhees, a young boy who attended the camp drowned due to councilor neglect, his mother, Pamela Voorhees began stalking and murdering any teenager who was hired on to help with the Camp’s reopening. As the body count continued to add up, it quickly became clear that no one was safe away from the campfire’s glow, even if they went for a quick stroll through the woods.

Evil Dead (1981)

Despite being a very low-budget horror film, this franchise is what scary campfire stories are made of. When Ash and his friends opt to spend a couple of nights at a remote cabin in the woods, they quickly discover its demonic presence upon finding an old book and audiotape hidden in the basement. After accidentally resurrecting a demonic entity, each character is taken out one by one until a single survivor is left fighting for his life.

The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

While scary campfire stories don’t usually consist of the plot of this genre classic, it does tell a tale of a weekend trip to a remote cabin gone wrong. Without holding back, five college students meet all of their worst nightmares, including zombies, killer unicorns, clowns, and mermen. How’s that for a horror parody that’s bound to make you avoid camping for a while?

The Ritual (2017)

As a way to honor the passing of a friend, four men take a hiking trip in northern Sweden. The film quickly takes a turn when they decide to detour through the forest instead of sticking to the map’s route. After stumbling upon gutted animals and strange markings, the friends continue to make their way in the darkness, lost, and being stalked by a mysterious creature.

Which of the above horror films will you be retelling in the form of scary campfire stories? Drop a comment below to compare with our readers.


December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys