While our website is often compared to a black abyss that’s filled with ghastly and gruesome treasures, sometimes we haven’t managed to get our claws on the most ghoulish horror movie collectibles. That’s why we offer the ability to snag some pre-order items before they hit the shelves. The ultimate horror hobbyists appreciate the incentive and are happy to anticipate long waits for the right products. Here are three horror movie collectibles that we can’t wait to show you!

Friday the 13th Ultimate Part 7 Jason

From Part 7 of the slasher franchise, our New Blood pre-order action figure is ready to order and expand your current collection. Ready to ship starting August 31, this 7” scale collectible features Jason’s rotting corpse, complete with an interchangeable zombie-like face and another head with the classic hockey mask. The pack also includes several accessories, including a knife, machete, scythe, ax, and so much more. You’ll get your horror villain fix and so much more with this pre-order purchase.

Toony Terrors Jaws & Quint 2-Pack

Another horror movie collectible can be yours starting on July 31… the Jaws & Quint 2-Pack! These 6-inch scale cartoon-styled figures allow you to play out your own reckoning scene. While the pack features Captain Quint, complete with machete and harpoon spear, alongside Jaws the shark, it also comes in a window box that once unpackaged, works as a bonus cutout backdrop to reenact your favorite movie moments. It doesn’t get any more classic than this horror movie collectible!

An assortment of Scooby-Doo masks

True fans of Mystery Inc. are well versed in the original characters from the ‘60s Scooby-Doo! Where Are You? TV series and thanks to Trick R’ Treat Studios, a new selection of Hanna-Barbera Officially Licensed Villains is up for grabs. Choose between classic Dracula, Frankenstein, and even the zombie mask first seen on the episode, “Which Witch is Which?” While these masks will make you wait until October 1st, we can assure you that they’re worth it!

Shop a larger variety of Scooby-Doo villain masks right here.

If you’re on the haunt for some other horror movie collectibles, have a look at our current pre-orders category while you’re perusing the rest of our spook-tastic website!

What type of pre-order items entices you the most? Drop a comment below to compare with our other readers.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys