Are you as shocked as we are when it comes to brand-new horror inventory? Just when we think that we can’t love our current horror collection any more than we already do, we gain access to a world of new merchandise to excite the senses. With that said, are you ready to add something grim to your expanding horror collection and in need of inspiration? Peruse the following four new horror categories live right now on!

Rubber mask paints

While most horror fans enjoy wearing deadly face masks and vacuform masks from our collection, others are rather creative and may desire to make their own to put on display using wood, rubber, or ceramics. That being said, there are several types of decorative materials that are needed to spruce up your mask, including paint. Motion Picture FX Company carries a wide range of rubber mask paint, in addition to a frightening scare glow finishing. While this type of paint is mainly used for rubber, all shades can be thinned with distilled water and applied to a variety of other materials, making it the all-in-one spooky craft supply!

Wine stoppers

Although our current selection of horror wine stoppers is limited, they’re fierce, and currently include a duo pack featuring two of our favorite famed monsters, The Creature from the Black Lagoon and Frankenstein. Whether you grab this staple item and add it to your own horror collection, utilize it in the kitchen, or you wrap it up and gift it at an upcoming event, you or your gift recipient will be pleasantly surprised by how artfully sculpted each monster is. Calling attention to the sculpted metal and chrome-plated base, each creature possesses an antique brass effect and comes in a terrifyingly cool storage box.


Even horror fans like to get comfy! While summer isn’t usually the time to sport fabric joggers, when the sun goes down, it isn’t cozy to keep your legs covered. Aside from getting to enjoy ultimate comfort the other times of the year where temperatures are far cooler, these horror-inspired sweats also make a statement: “I am a horror fan!” So, if you like all things creepy, are a bit strange and unusual, and celebrate all things macabre, you’ll love our Ouija joggers and more to come from this new category.


As horror fans, we aren’t alarmed by the fact that your clocks are always set to horror time. In fact, if you want a consistent reminder that you love the genre, why not grab hold of a clock that is just as spooky and ominous as you? This brand-new horror category currently only features one type of mounted clock, with the promise of more to come! Let us know what you think about our Friday the 13th Welcome to Crystal Lake clock.

Which of the above horror categories are you most excited to shop? Drop a comment below to compare with other readers.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys