While aficionados sometimes shake their heads when a franchise is revamped instead of created, some horror stories need a horrifying retelling to appeal to the newer generations. So, if you take pride in your assemblage of Candyman horror collectibles and have been waiting for a suspenseful installment to further explain the rich storyline of this fan-favorite, then continue reading to find out what we know so far about the upcoming revamp.

The new Candyman is coming out this summer

The movie was originally scheduled for a June 12, 2020 release, which was quickly shifted to September 25, 2020, and once again to October 16, 2020. Due to ongoing uncertainties caused by the coronavirus, it was once again canceled and slated for a release “sometime in 2021”. Thus, now that pandemic restrictions are easing worldwide, movie theatres have been able to safely open and it has been announced that horror junkies will finally be able to watch the Candyman revamp on August 27, 2021.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is front lining the cast

Known for his parts in Watchman, Aquaman, The Greatest Showman, Us, and The Trial of the Chicago 7, Yahya Abdu-Mateen II takes the lead playing Anthony McCoy, an artist who returns home and quickly takes interest in the Candyman legend. Other members of the cast include Teyonah Parris, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, and Colman Domingo.

This new film will delve deep into Candyman’s origin story

The original movie revealed that a black man named Daniel got a white woman named Caroline pregnant, leading the girl’s father to capture him, saw off his right hand, and cover his body in honey so the bees could attack him. Before Daniel dies he sees his reflection in a mirror and says the word “Candyman”, the very same name Caroline’s father and the other townspeople chanted as they tortured him.

Now, given the current state of the world and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, that backstory explanation is no longer appropriate, as it displays brutality inflicted on black people. However, the new Candyman revamp will explore the mythology of what makes him a villain and build a new foundation for the audience that doesn’t resurface real trauma.

Since fans will still need to wait until August for the premiere, shop our selection of Candyman horror collectibles while you wait!

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December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys