5 Horror Pop! Vinyl Figures to Add to Your Collection

Now that we are officially past Halloween, a lot of people think it’s time to forget about horror in all shapes and sizes. Wrong! Horror aficionados are celebrating Christmas too, and what better stocking fillers than these horror pop vinyl figures?

Gremlins Movie Pop! Stripe

Let’s start with a classic! Gremlins is undeniably one of the most fun not-exactly-a-horror movie, and this little guy will bring you right back to those adventures of post-midnight eating, complete with the mohawk and toothy grin. Put it in the office to remind you to follow instructions exactly, or just enjoy the sight of this nodding gremlin. Or, gift it to another Gremlins fan!

Beetlejuice Movie Pop! Vinyl Figure

Beetlejuice, with all the things you love, in an unexpected form. With his trademark stripy suit and green hair, this figure has a rotating head that’ll be sure to make everyone adore him. This will certainly get a lot of attention from others and is perfect for the Beetlejuice enthusiast in your life.

Carrie Pop! Vinyl Figure

Complete with blood dripping through her hair and onto her clothes, this Carrie figure ensures that a classic moment in movie history is immortalized in a way both creepy and wonderful. Unlike Carrie, you can enjoy this sight and keep her bobbing close to you whenever you need a little encouragement to do absolutely everything you’re capable of. Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with such bloody situations as she does, but she’ll nod along whatever you do.

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon with Chopper Pop! Vinyl Vehicle

With the eighth season now in full swing, what better time to celebrate the best character in the show (though obviously, Carol is a close second) than by getting this Daryl figure, complete with motorcycle, for your favorite Walking Dead fan? Daryl can be left on his bike, or pulled off and made to stand proud and… well, not that tall. But he’ll still look awesome.

Stranger Things Dustin with Compass Pop! Vinyl Figure

Little Dustin, with all his trademarks – hair, hat, even compass, in place, this kid is going places. Hopefully not the Upside Down, but… places. And hey, if season 2 has changed your mind on which kid is the best, you can find most of the gang here, including Barb and Eleven, with not one, but two of her trademark hairdos.

What are your favorite horror pop vinyl figures? Tell us in the comments below!

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys