Horror Movies for Scaredy-Cats

At this time of the year, with the nights getting longer, horror movies make sense for a night in. There’s a reason that Stranger Things 2 was released in October this year, rather than mid-summer. That said, not everyone is cut out for true horror and gore, so for those who happen to be a little more squeamish, we present to you our list of horror movies for kids and scaredy-cats. Where’s the fun in watching an entire movie through your fingers, right?

The Others

The Others may be dark and have a few mild jumps up its sleeve, but ultimately, this movie is a masterpiece in atmosphere. Nicole Kidman plays a single mother in a large dark house trying to protect her children from the sunlight, which they are allergic to, and the supernatural elements which start to make their presence felt. Following the household as they unravel the mystery that surrounds them, the ending is unexpected, but the lack of gore cements its place as a horror movie suitable for those of us who startle easily.


This is a real horror movie if you’re afraid of spiders – the clue is in the name – so use some discretion. If you’re fine with spiders though, then this is a great choice. Described as a thrill-omedy at the time of its release, that pretty much sums it up. The horror lies in the infestation of spiders in a small town and their murderous rampage, but while there are deaths and large spiders, this is a lot more fun and less gory than the most recent installment of Scream.

Hocus Pocus

A Halloween classic (despite a midsummer release), can Hocus Pocus really be called horror on any level, even if it’s in a list of horror movies for kids? The answer is: obviously. Fun, ridiculous, and uproarious are all good words to describe this masterpiece (you know that’s what it is), but who can forget the sadder parts of the plot, as children are murdered for their youth and beauty, and a boy who was just trying to protect his sister is turned into a cat? Add in Bette Midler giving a career-defining performance, and you’ve got one of the best movies on this list. The stuff of nightmares? Or the best night in you’ve had for months? I think we all know the answer.


Yes! Casper! The friendly ghost who cooks for his human friends, died tragically young, and gives up the chance of a second life for the sake of a man he barely knows. Casper is horror in the form of the fear of losing a loved one too soon, the cartoon villain we all love to hate in movies, and even the school bully who wants to make life miserable for the new kid on the block. Like others in this list, this is one horror movie for kids that adults scaredy-cats will also adore.

What other horror movies would you recommend for kids and scaredy-cats? Share your favorites with us in the comments section below!

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys