Michael Myers is the personification of evil; a supernatural, unstoppable man that yields a knife and kills anyone in his path. Perhaps it’s this invulnerability that makes him such a famed foe for the horror genre. Needless to say, anything that features his face or pays tribute to the films is constantly flying off our shelves so be sure you get these five relics before they’re out of stock!

Halloween Kills: Michael Myers Mask

No spoilers here! It has been 40+ years and the Halloween franchise just won’t die, which is a reflection of the dedication that fans have to its time-honored villain. In that time, Michael Myers has gone through an assemblage of masks, marking his evolvement to modern horror, and with another fantastic installment hitting the big screens last month comes another grim mask, more withered by murder.

If you’re looking to add Michael Myers collectibles to your growing horror keepsakes, this replica mask pays homage to the latest film, with an official license from Trick or Treat Studios to boot.

Halloween Michael Myers T-Shirt

While clothing might not be your top idea for Michael Myers collectibles, it’s a winner among many of our customers! This Halloween Michael Myers T-Shirt is dark, devilish, and features an officially licensed custom design that mimics scenes from the original 1978 film. It’s lightweight, comfy, and goes with a variety of other items, horror or not, that you can grab from within your closet.

Halloween (1978) Michael Myers Ornament

This trendy relic just hit our website, giving up its pre-order status for a regular inventory item. Crafted delicately in resin and painted to perfection, this Michael Myers horrornament is the perfect holiday tree adornment, whether you want to use it this year at Christmas, stash it away until next Halloween, or keep it accessible for both.

Halloween Kills (2021) 7” Scale Ultimate Michael Myers Action Figure & Halloween 2 7” Scale Action Figure Ultimate Michael Myers & Doctor Loomis 2-Pack

Michael Myers is back and he’s bloodier than ever in this new Halloween Kills action figure pack. Featuring an updated Michael, five bloodcurdling weapons, and a blood-spattered skull, collectors can reenact the movie or make one of their own!

Getting back to the classics is easy with the option to pre-order (available on December 31) this Halloween 2 Michael Myers & Doctor Loomie 2-Pack! Featuring both characters in action figure form, multiple weapons, hand and head attachments, and fire, you’ll have all the extras you need for extra accuracy.

Will you be grabbing one or all of the above Michael Myers collectibles? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys