Now that Halloween has come and gone for another year, horror fans are looking for more scares and thrills in their life, which is why we thought it would only be fitting to boast the promising slate of new horror movies set to hit the big screen in the coming weeks. Ghosts, bloodshed, and possession are the main themes for the upcoming flicks, so grab your tickets and get pumped for the following arrivals!

Double Walker (November 12, 2021)

The indie supernatural film, Double Walker, commences with a murder of a little girl on Christmas day. The evening that followed, her spirit returned to the midwestern town as a mysterious woman. Determined to piece together the memories of her past, she begins murdering men who she feels are responsible for her death, only to encounter two dark figures in a dream offering her two choices: live one more day as a human or live forever as a ghost.

While the gory timeline of this flick is unlikely to present it as one scariest horror movies of 2021, its intriguing plot and all-star cast make it one of the top cinematic experiences to check out for the month of November!

The Feast (November 19, 2021)

We’re not sure what’s more terrifying, the food the characters eat or the fact that this film is spoken entirely in Welsh. Needless to say, the unnerving detail is part of what makes, The Feast, one of the scariest horror movies to premiere this month.

A wealthy family hosts a dinner party at their vacation home in the Welsh mountains, hosting a local businessman and farmer with who they hope to form a business deal. As such, they hire a young woman to be the waitress for the evening’s affairs. Slowly her beliefs are challenged as their disturbing values unravel.

The Devil’s Light (November 25, 2021)

Sister Ann is a devoted 25-year-old nun who believes that performing exorcisms is her calling, even though the institution’s traditions only allow them to be done by priests. With the support of a mentor, she observes a training session where her desire to prove her gift takes a turn when she meets a disturbed patient. While preparing to perform her first exorcism she comes face to face with a demonic force with mysterious ties to her past, as it infests the school.

If you’re an aficionado who loves The Nun or The Exorcist, this modern installment might be another addition to a long line of the scariest horror movies about possession and the occult.

Which of the above films are you most excited to see on the big screen this month? Drop a comment below to compare with other readers.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys