The darkest day of the year has come and gone but that doesn’t mean hibernation mood hasn’t kicked in. So, for those who plan to stay indoors all warm and cozy this winter, you’ll need a horror watchlist to keep you busy. Even the weather outside isn’t as frightful as these three scary Christmas movies. Okay, they aren’t exactly scary Christmas movies but you get the point!


While this Netflix creation isn’t exactly festive, it’s both dark and disastrous, which makes it exactly what you’re looking for! Following the story of European settlers-to-be with dreams of the new world, a migrant steamship begins its journey to the west. Taking a twisted and unexpected turn, another migrant ship appears adrift on the open sea and what’s found on board is something made of horrifying nightmares. 

A Wounded Fawn

Although serial killers don’t exactly boost holly jolly vibes, this new horror addition that can be streamed on Shudder offers both chills and thrills. Offering watchers a ‘70s horror retrospective due to being shot with a 16mm movie camera, A Wounded Fawn was inspired by Greek mythology—when a museum curator decides to test the dating waters, she is targeted by a charming serial killer whose charismatic character allures her into a weekend getaway. Her seeking romance and him seeking another body to add to his count, the two become intertwined in a tense game of cat and mouse. 

Violent Night

Finally! This is a scary Christmas movie suggestion for your family to enjoy. When an elite team of mercenaries breaks into a wealthy family's compound on Christmas Eve, everyone is taken hostage. However, they’re surprised to learn that Santa is also on the grounds. This thriller turns killer with candy cane impalments and holiday gore galore. 

Which one of the above “scary Christmas movies” are you most excited to watch? Drop a comment below to let us know.