For horror fans, nothing is more satisfying than expanding your collection to include more than just the genre’s iconic villains, and while many toy company manufacturers are producing top-notch products, none are as valuable as the four items below.

1979 Kenner “Alien” Action Figure

What it costs: $225 used, up to $2,000 new

If over four decades isn’t an indication that this rare horror collectible would be worth some money, perhaps it’s a combination of the fact that although Alien was rated R before hitting big screens, this particular horror relic was a part of an Alien-themed merchandise lineup for kids. This 18-inch Xenomorph action figure received many complaints from parents believing that the toy was too scary to be advertised for children. Additionally, there were some manufacturing issues and the poorly made toys were notorious for pieces breaking off, deeming them unsafe, and pulling them off the shelves before many collectors grabbed hold of them.

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Morbid Enterprises Life-Size “The Exorcist” Doll

What it costs: $270

Aside from the fact that this doll stands a life-like five feet tall, this gruesome collectible also possesses added features like fully posable arms, light-up eyes, and even realistic jaw movement. To top it off, it can play six musical tracks from the film, The Exorcist, and if that isn’t enough, the head of Regan can rotate a full 360 degrees!

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Mezco Toyz Cinema of Fear “A Nightmare on Elm Street” Nancy Bathtub Figure

What it costs: $130 used, up to $330 new

Since most collectibles based on the hit franchise A Nightmare on Elm Street depict the dream killer, Freddy Krueger, this relic features the flick’s protagonist, Nancy Thompson. While there is still a little Freddy depicted by the infamous glove coming out of the bath, this must-have collectible is a great rendition of the scene and an even better addition to your growing horror collection.

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Trick or Treat Studios Life-Size “Seed of Chucky” Doll

What it costs: $600 if you buy it directly from; although there are many options to purchase it on eBay for up to $5,000

This officially licensed horror toy product is described as the most screen-accurate scarred Chucky doll ever created, and that’s because every detail is made from the movie molds and swatches. His face, clothing, and size are as life-like as the character in the film and the aluminum frame is sturdy to allow you to pose Chucky however you wish. Oh, and the best detail is that he even comes in a weathered Good Guys box!

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Which of the above rare horror collectibles do you want the most? Drop a comment below to compare with other readers.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys