The Child’s Play franchise has warmed horror hearts since 1988, and with the recent Cult of Chucky, it shows no signs of retiring. The impish icon in overalls is a big man at Nightmare Toys, so you have plenty of Chucky merchandise to choose from! From petite size desk items to huggable sizes, here are some of our favorites:

Your Very Own Talking Chucky

Like the popular mid-late 1980s dolls that influenced Chucky’s design, our selection of figures are cute, cuddly, and certainly distinctive looking. There’s the Talking Sneering version, all bright-eyed and clean-cut, or the Scarred one, lively-looking, but just a bit mussed up from dirty work. How about pairing one up with the freckle-faced “Good Guy” persona, which also repeats key movie phrases? In addition to these 15” dolls, we have poseable action figures, available in 4” scale and 8” scale, that make up for their lack of vocalization with awesome accessories and interchangeable faces and hands.

Mini Good Guy Collectibles

Just as Chucky’s short stature belied deadly strength, these small figurines are full of adorable appeal! We currently have two Pop! little guys – the Child’s Play 2 replication of his no-nonsense knife-bearing stance and the Beckett-certified box, signed by the original Andy, Alex Vincent! Another classic for your collection is the 3” tall Dorbz Chucky, with that alluring smile shining through his scars and stitches.

Quintessential Movies and Prints

Like great books held in your hand, some movies will always be better in hard copies. Revisit Brad Dourif’s killer turned deadly doll in the first Child’s Play, or see how “Chucky Gets Lucky” in Bride of Chucky, with the inimitable Jennifer Tilly. You can also get The Complete Collection (minus Cult), which is a terrific self-treat, or a great “just because” gift to a fellow Chucky lover. And nothing says horror geek like signed wall prints: the “Andy and Chucky,” and “Aunt Maggie” photos, also autographed by Alex Vincent, commemorate early signs that something wasn’t quite right with this highly coveted toy.

Don’t Forget Tiffany

You can’t ignore the bad girl gone badder, when eyeing up Chucky merchandise for delightful finds. Choose between the pristine Pop! Tiffany, or the blood-spattered “Chase” version, or get both! For larger display areas, the articulated Talking Tiffany in all of her kick-ass glory, is perfect for showing that true love never really dies.

What is your most prized Chucky merchandise? Tell us in the comments section below.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys