horror necklaces

Who doesn’t love a little flash and glitter… or blood specks to highlight their skin and outfits? Jewelry is always a fun fashion accessory for stylish ghouls, and there are several horror necklaces that are sure to make your neckline pop (in a good way, not a cinematic burst through the breastbone moment). Perfect for any occasion, to either treat yourself to, or lavish a significant other with, consider the following statement pieces:

Bloody Diamantes

It’s amazing what the right touch of color can bring to a sparkly replication of a weapon. Both the bloody cleaver and the bloody knife get their point (heh!) across, and feature a cute little “blood” drop bead for that extra special touch. With a pair of spattered crossbones or a red-splashed cleaver slide in your hair, you’re sure to turn heads. Be the center of attention, rightly so, and show off your dark yet delightful self.

Skull and Bone Symbolism

Maybe you connect with bad-ass Goddess Kali. Maybe you love the movie “Catacombs.” Maybe you’re just that cool. Regardless, you are the Queen of the party, with this skull necklace, either by itself, or layered with a darker contrast, five little heads on each, staring back at your admirers. Match them with glow in the dark skeleton hand hair clips, or as with the abovementioned jewelry, go the bloody route, with sanguine dripped skeletal hands around your neck and mini hands in your tresses. By the way, all of these look awesome with a devilish V-shoulder top patterned with all sorts of impish symbols.

Zombie Killer

Sweaters always present a classic look, and you know you’ll rock the “Cleave Me Alone” cardigan, especially with a Daryl Dixon-inspired twine of Walker Ears above the collar. This look works whether you’re chilling at the coffee shop and writing your murder manuscript, ghost hunting in the woods, or shopping for your kid’s birthday party. If, however, your tastes run more cannibalistic, pull out pigtails with little green brains or pink cerebrums that complement all of the horror necklaces and craft a unique take on what it means to be “cutting-edge.”

How do you like to wear your horror? Tell us in the comments section below.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys