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By now, all the true horror aficionados and supernatural fanatics have already chosen their Halloween costumes for an evening of devilish haunting, but for the ghastly oddballs that have waited until the final hour to cape themselves in spook-tacular jumpsuits, here are some of our darkest ideas for some wicked inspiration.

Dress up as the Addams family

Tantalize your love for the macabre and bloodcurdling torture by cloaking yourself in a casket, dressed as a member from the Addams family of course. Arrive to your haunting solo, or draft a group of hair-raising beings like yourself, wearing the grim attire of your favorite Addams family character. Sociopaths can have style after all. Bundle up in Gomaz Addams classy, striped garb, memorize mortals clothed in Morticia Addams black satin gown, creep around in the hooded robe of Uncle Fester or simply show off your sadistic personality dressed as Wednesday Addams.

Dress up as a superhero or villain

Although slipping on a superhero outfit won’t give you any superpowers, these Halloween costumes are always fun to drape on for an evening of unnerving festivities. The best part is the whole family can arrive decked out as a super squad. The Batgirl Deluxe Adult Costume is eerie-sistably awesome, complete with a cape and a dark, black mask, while the Batman Dark Knight Adult Deluxe Costume exhibits a more mysterious sense of fashion. The kids can even join in on the fun with batman-inspired costumes fit for newborns, toddlers and little youngsters.

As for the dark side you can masquerade around dressed like Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn, the notorious master jedi Darth Vader or the vulgar serial killer Captain Spaulding.

Dress up as a caveman

You can never go wrong adorning yourself as a caveman or cavewoman. After all, who doesn’t love wearing the comfy, robe-like garb of our fire-wielding ancestors? Yet, Halloween costumes are supposed to possess a sense of uniqueness as well. Show up to your frightening celebratory event dressed up like the comical, primitive characters from Bedrock. Pair up as Barney and Betty Rubble or go the more classic route and dress up as Fred and Wilma Flintstone! YABA-DABA-DOO!

What’s your favorite Halloween costume from our above suggestions? Tell us in the comments section below.   



December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys