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It’s been an incredibly long wait for all The Walking Dead fans that have been anticipating what will happen following the season finale battle between Rick and Negan. Will Carl’s dreams of a better world be upheld? How long will the Alexandrians and the Hilltop spare Negan’s life? Can Negan’s actions ever be redeemed? Will Maggie and Rick see eye-to-eye? There were so many questions that were left unanswered amidst the large battle, that October 7th cannot come soon enough for the aficionados of the popular TV series. Well, in order to help you get through the weekend we’ve dug around for some information on the upcoming season premiere.

Rick Grimes is leaving this season

Possibly one of the most tragic plot twists in The Walking Dead’s gruesome storyline, arguably even more shocking than when the Governor chopped off Hershel’s head, the notorious leader and one of the original members of the group, Rick Grimes has announced that he will be leaving the show this season. Apparently, the actor who plays Grimes, Andrew Lincoln, has been thinking about it for a while, as he believes that his departure will free up the storyline of the show. Whether Grimes will be killed off in style or simply break free from the group and become a nomad following the death Carl, is still one of the most enduring reasons that fans will continue to latch on to get their weekly zombie fix.

Season nine will jump forward in time

Directors have confirmed that season nine will experience an 18 month time jump, similar to the two-year time jump from the comic books. This leaves even more unanswered questions as to what events have occurred between the two seasons of the zombie thriller.

New characters and new threats will be introduced

A lot has happened since last year and that includes the addition of many new faces to The Walking Dead. Although some of the comic book characters have taken different forms and relationships for the TV series, quite a few of them are mirroring the look and personality of their animated counterparts. One thing’s for sure, Alpha’s group, The Whisperers – a group of survivors that wear human flesh masks to help them blend in with the dead – will pose as a the new threat to our beloved characters.

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Do you know any other teasers that will tide over The Walking Dead fanatics for a couple days? Tell us in the comments section below.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys