Entertain Your Guests with Horror Games This Holiday

Tis’ the season for gathering with loved ones and making memories during this festive time. Set a date and create a new tradition with a holiday horror games night where everyone can indulge their passion for the genre and take competition to killer levels. Get out the nog and cookies, put on whatever music sets the mood, and plan for memorable moments with these devilish ideas:.

Conjure Spirits with the Ouija Board

Now, we don’t guarantee that anything paranormal can or will develop from using the Ouija Board; that’s all up to you and your intentions. And “spirits” is a broad term – it could be spiky beverages, tear-inducing laughter, and ok, yes, maybe a thing or two that haunts your house later on. But it, nevertheless, is a lovely looking faux-wood board that glows in the dark and does just beckon to be played with…

ouija board

Gain a Hand, Lose a Hand at Playing Cards

Who doesn’t love a few rounds of Rummy, War, Blackjack, or any other card game that involves friendly bets and suspicious looks? If you’re still unsure about what the spirit board may do, but darn it, do love that imagery, try a deck of Ouija playing cards for some mischievous fun. Or if you fancy zombies, the Dawn of the Dead card set is 52 opportunities to praise all things wise and wonderful about the living dead.

Use the Lament Configuration to Raise a Little Hell

For a more intimate, challenging game, dim the lights, sit everyone in a circle, and pass the Lament Configuration puzzle box around. This replication of one of Pinhead’s favorite toys has over 43 quintillion combinations – and you thought zillion was a lot! Much love and respect if you say “We have such sights to show you,” when offering it to your guests.

lament configuration

Action Figures for DIY Role-Playing

You can also craft your own role-playing adventures to either enhance the above mentioned horror games, or to finally indulge your spooky cool geekiness. Choose articulated action figures, such as Ash, Jason, Puppet Master’s Blade, Carrie, and Patrick Bateman to summon up improvised dialogue, classic quotes, and who knows what kind of amusing shenanigans.

What inspires you for holiday frightful fun? Tell us in the comments section below.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys