Gift Ideas for Living Dead Doll Fans

Ah, the morbidly sweet contradiction of “living dead,” which reminds us of Romero’s treasured films and describes one of Rob Zombie’s best odes to ghoulish gals. For collectors of the dark and delightful, it also means Living Dead Dolls, the adorably twisted antithesis to toys that are just too bright and bubbly. Whether displayed in their coffin cases or posed on shelves and beds, they’re the perfect gift for horror geeks. Here’s a handy guide to these imps, along with ideas for how to present them.

Series 31 Don’t Turn out the Lights

The five darlings in Series 31 each represent what those shadows in a dark room may really be. All of them come with a death certificate that hints at what they do, such as Bea Neath (get it?), who resides under the bed, and Thump, who’s silent until pouncing on you with fangs and claws. An eternal kiss of gloom comes from eyeless The Dark, while Umbral and Kreek take advantage of noisy floorboards that we think are the house settling. Instead of paper or gift bags, wrap your selection in a pair of devilish leggings, or a spectral men’s tee, and top it all with a candy cane.

Series 33 and Series 34 Sets

Showing off theatre’s spooky side, the Series 33 Le Moulin Morgue set features five characters, each with their coffin and certificate, yet bundled together for quintuple the chills. Your gift recipient will be able to create quite a lovely stage scene, with the host and hostess of deathly cabaret, Maitre des Morts and Madame La Mort, and their three stand-out dancers: flame-haired haunted Larmes de Sang, raven-haired murdered Ella Von Terra, and bloodied Carotte Morts.

If your beloved prefers dusty dolls, there’s the Series 34 Devil’s Vein set, with five miners who met untimely deaths during their gold digging days. For presentation, pair a poison messenger bag with Ash Lee, Tommy Knocker, Soot, Canary, and Coalette, or use a coffin beach towel to enfold them or the aforementioned performers.

Bad Boys of Print and Screen

If you’re looking for pop culture, Living Dead Dolls has their take on Hellraiser’s high priest, Pinhead, and Derry’s frightastic Pennywise, accompanied by the respective Lament Configuration and red balloon. Leave unwrapped and let the packaging say it all, simply adorned with a 3-D keychain, or wicked little hair clips.

Which doll are you giving a new home to? Tell us in the comments section below!

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys