Rich, moisturizing goat’s milk, vegan dyes, and delightfully spooky molded designs? Get ready to lather up with Martin FX Creations’ horror soaps, shaped like your favorite creepy characters! Available in various colors, and assorted fragrances including peppermint, “dude fierce,” tangerine, apple sage, and baby’s breath, they’re perfect for guys, gals, and junior horror fans. Keep them by the sink, in the shower, and with travel items, so you can always get clean and feel your wicked best. They also make awesome gifts for your fellow horror geek! We have:

Trick ‘r Treat

Impish little Sam brings a touch of Halloween to the bathtub all year round! The 4-pack of Trick ‘r Treat soaps is infused with essential oils and consists of Sam’s masked and unmasked face, him holding his treasured lollipop, and the half-bitten lollipop itself. Up the cool factor by posing a 3 ¾” articulated Sam action figure near the soap dish, and hanging unbitten and bitten replicated lollipop props above the towel rack! (Note that your choice of color applies to all of the designs except for the burlap Sam face, which is brown).

Ghost Face

Scrub those stains from under your fingernails, with disc-shaped horror soaps bearing the “Scream” title and Edvard Munch inspired killer. This Ghost Face 4-pack is sure to inspire a look back at the Wes Craven/Kevin Williamson film classic, which revived the genre in 1996, and has since become an essential part of horror “best-ofs.”

Jason Voorhees

We already know how you’ll shriek in delight, opening up your Nightmare Toys’ package of Jason Voorhees soap, because we do, every time stock arrives! It’s four 1 1/2” wide hockey masks that are exquisite little representations of Camp Crystal Lake’s most famous attendee. Scrubbing up, then cuddling up on the couch with your Friday the 13th throw blanket makes for a great way to unwind any day!

Horror Icon Collection 

You may want to order a couple of these 8-packs, so you can use some for washing, and keep some as memorabilia! The Horror Icon soap set features one each of Michael Myers, Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, Hannibal Lecter, The Exorcist’s Regan, Chucky and his bride, Tiffany, and Saw’s ventriloquist dummy Billy. They’re like the sudsy versions of POP! figures! (As with the Trick ‘r Treat soaps, these also have a slight modification – Hannibal’s mask and Freddy’s hat are brown, regardless of the color option you choose).

Which of these horror soaps is your favorite? Tell us in the comments section below!

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys