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No matter how some may try, it’s often difficult to fully separate from work – it’s where we spend a great amount of time. Whether you need something to play with during a break, a trinket to entertain you while working (we won’t tell!), or simply just want to spruce up a mundane work area, there are plenty of horror collectibles that will appeal to your spooky soul.

Knockers, POP!, and Potato Heads

POP! and vinyl figures are perfect for dressing up a desk! You can put a singular icon, such as Michael Myers or Hannibal Lecter beside the pencil sharpener, or create a neat little montage of Walking Dead or Stranger Things faves (hey, mix them up together!) Set up “what-if” confrontations between POP! Cthulhu, Dorbz Pennywise, and Chucky, or Five Nights at Freddy’s characters up against Jack Torrance! And don’t forget to add some holiday sentiments to your workspace with Krampus!

If tabletop space allows, or you have shelving, the Freddy vs Jason Head Knockers are really cool! They’re over 7-inches tall, are intricately detailed, and work as great lightweight bookends if placed separately, or as a stand-out uniform centerpiece.

Do you have a no-nonsense work ethic, or handle your shift very Zen-like? Let bobbleheads express your serious side, such as the very stoic Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock (holding one of his birds), or everyone’s favorite bad-ass Negan, with his trusty Lucille. If you sit near a window, show off your appreciation for light-hearted killer humor, with the solar-powered Michael Myers or Freddy body knockers. You can also put up 5-inch Poptater Mr. Potato Head versions of these guys, but you may have to compete with colleagues and clients for a chance to play with these delightfully frightful toys!

Pens, Keychains, and HorrorNaments

There are more subtle ways to sneak creepy elements into your décor if you can’t display figures or considerably noticeable horror collectibles. Include a Leatherface, Freddy, Chucky, or Jason POP! Pen in your desk organizer or find spots you can dangle a keychain or HorrorNament from. Hang 3D Comic-Con Exclusive Lydia, Beetlejuice, and Sandworm keychains from magnetic hooks attached to your under-desk filing cabinet. Or for a little impish effect, prop the StayPuft Marshmallow Man and Nightmare Before Christmas Sally alongside your monitor. Likewise, our horror-themed ornament selections include the Jaed Demers Snowman, Kane Hoddet Casket, and Linnea Quigley Witch, for year-round embellishment!

Tell us how you add horror touches to your desk in the comments section below.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys