While a black Christmas isn’t for everyone, for those that enjoy it a little darker, we have a wide variety of products to slay your way into feeling festive. These Yuletide terrors are the ultimate way to ring in the season and with the holidays just around the corner, ordering today will help you feel more relaxed and prepared in the coming weeks.


What started as a casual trend has quickly become an annual tradition, with many genre lovers reporting that horror takes over their homes during the holidays, which has resulted in a growing abundance of festive decorations. After all, it wouldn’t be Hauntmas without a holiday tree that’s jam-packed full of spooky horrornaments. Our current collection consists of over 50+ supernatural knick-knacks that are fitted for hanging on the limbs of your dead tree, including featured products like a Christmas Skill Horrornament, a Yeti Horrornament, and an Angry Candycorn Ornament. The best part is that the average decorative piece is around priced at $11.99, making these devilishly delightful items a great gift for horror fans! Shop our gruesome collection of horrornaments today.

Horror stockings

Since it isn’t hard to find gifts for horror fans on nightmaretoys.com, the only dilemma you’re faced with is finding the ultimate option to fill your gift recipient’s holiday stocking. However, what if we told you that we carried horror stockings to boot? Our collection of stockings might be small, but they’re mightly, and incredibly spooky, featuring horror icons like Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, Michael Myers, and Ghostface. Soft, spacious, and oh-so-creepy, our grim assemblage of horror stockings will turn your holiday season into the Hauntmas you seek.

Horror wrapping paper

Gift wrap your horror finds with the most aesthetically-pleasing wrapping paper to match the ghoulish contents. Whether you need to cape the gift for a loved one, for a Secret Santa event, or looking to get creative this year for your white elephant gift exchange, it’s unlikely that anyone will take a second glance at something wrapped in Santa or snowflake printed paper. Needless to say, since you’re the type of person who screams unique, grab hold of some Krampus or pumpkin wrapping and stir an eerie ruckus for the gift recipient. Shop all spooky wrapping paper options today.

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December 07, 2022 — Numinix Dev