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Nightmare Toys is creepin’ it real with some new, alarmingly dreadful categories that are now available to you on our online horror store. We take pride in the diverse selection of terrifying goodies we carry and hope that you find them to be as frightful and unnerving as we do. We are encouraging our customers to take a look at our fresh, unBOOlieveable, mystifying specter of scary, ghoulish items and perhaps even trick or treat yourself to some new hair-raising thrills.

Horror inspired 5” action figures

Whether you’re a spooky toy collector or simply a fan of all thing’s horror our 5” Action Figure collection offer the same chilling experience as all of our other devilish action figures…but smaller. These shockingly compact figurines are equally as detailed as their larger scaled counter parts and every bit as eerie. Keep them in their box on display or unpackage them to release the true horror aficionado that lies within you.

Horror inspired bath bombs

Very few people are as dead-icated to ghosts and monsters as you are. Why not stretch this dead-ication to every aspect of your life with a horror bath bomb? Exclusively available on our online horror store, these bath bombs are purchasable in various chilling shapes and smells. All the best for relaxing in your very own otherworldly bath water after all your moonlight masquerades.

Horror inspired blankets and pillows

There is no better way to tuck yourself in at night then with a spook-tacular comforter and a creepy pillow resembling your favorite cadaver. Get comfy, cape your crypt and snuggle with your most beloved psycho killers.

Horror jack in the boxes

Our online horror store carries the most uniquely fun gift ideas, including this hair-raising category that will turn any horror-lovers crank. Horror jack in the boxes are the perfect adult toy and just like how cannibals like to meat people, you will relish in every opportunity you get to mess around with one of these spring coiled boxes. Simply turn the crank and challenge your friends to a spine-chilling jack in the box race.

You’re probably thinking to yourself,”Fangs so much for the advice Nightmare Toys?” Let us know what you think of our new categories and products in the comments section below.


December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys