Halloween (1978): Michael Myers Mini Bust


The Shape remains the king of slashers with films, collectibles, and otherworldly memorabilia spanning over four decades, which means that any horror movie toys that are depicted in his honor are guaranteed to appreciate and interest in the years to come. So, while grabbing hold of this mini bust satisfies your need to add to your Michael Myers collection, you can also justify the purchase knowing that it will be highly sought after one day. Manufactured by the famous Trick or Treat Studios, this 5” resin bust has been sculpted and hand-painted with every detail in mind. Perfection? When it comes to the Boogeyman, we think so!

Available on January 31, 2022

Captain Spaulding’s Face Mask

Not your typical pandemic covering, this Captain Spaulding-inspired face mask is a wonderful way to pay your respects to the late Sid Haig, the late actor of cult classics like House of 1,000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, and The Lord’s of Salem. This full over-the-head mask gives The Cutter some real character, with an elastic band to ensure a secure fit for any devilish performances.

Available on January 31, 2022

Halloween III: Season of the Witch Glow in the Dark Witch Board

Much as there’s nothing spookier than a genuine ouija board, this Silver Shamrock witch board offers a nice touch for Season of the Witch horror fans. Yes, this horror installment doesn’t feature the infamous Michael Myers but it’s equipped with some gruesome cinematic entertainment, including murder, microchips, and menacing cults. That said, not only does this one-of-a-kind witch board glow in the dark but with it, you can talk to the spirits of Samhain!

Available on January 31, 2022

IT (1990): Talking Pennywise MDS Mega

Even though the new two-part IT films are insanely dark, there’s no denying the grueling charm of the original. That’s why this pre-order horror movie toys depict Pennywise in his earliest clown form, from the depths of the sewers below the town of Derry. While his ghastly face says it all, you can press a discreet button on his back to hear him voice six phrase favorites. While this collectible can’t shapeshift, it does stand a prominent 15”, which would like devilish atop your horror display shelf.

Available on February 28, 2022

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December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys