Autumn vibes evoke excitement in horror fans as the season is often associated with all things dark and spooky. While true aficionados find ways to keep their year-long love of horror alive, the majority get most excited during the September to October transition. That said, those on the haunt for the perfect storm of cozy and creepy will adore the below top picks.

Warm-up under some horror movie blankets

No matter how many fleece throws you own, when it comes to sprucing up your home come fall’s arrival, there’s always room for some warm, fuzzy additions! You’d think that horror movie blankets would be a niche product, but in a world where throws aim to provide their users with the ultimate sense of comfort and security, it only makes sense to wrap your body in one that reflects something you love and one that can cape you from the darkness.

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Cover your flesh with some horror clothing and accessories

Autumn is the season for bundling up in cozy layers and if those threads embellish your favorite horror foes, even better! Our wide selection of horror-themed hoodies are soft, warm, and light, making their wearers comfortable both when bundled up inside or used as an outer layer for those heading outside for a crisp walk. Still not enough? Why not accentuate your hoodie by pairing it with some ghoulish joggers and some grim socks to complete your fall horror outfit?

Soak in your brew with these spooktacular bath must-haves

While the time of year shouldn’t determine how often you use your bathroom’s cauldron, we can all agree that it’s far more appealing to soak in a hot brew when the temperatures begin dipping. Needless to say, if you’re the type of person who enjoys a good bath over a shower now and then, we recommend grabbing hold of some horror-inspired bath bombs or soaps for your soak. Saturate yourself with the scent of horror when you’re submerged in the water this fall!

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December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys