Although we are just one year-round Halloween store we are always striving to improve our customer’s experience, which is why we always update our blog to include new, gruesome reads. That said, while many parts of our lives are slowly returning to normal, things like holidays and events have a long way to go as we continue to make our way through the trails of this pandemic. Needless to say, if last year has taught us anything it’s that trick-or-treating is an activity that can be done safely. However, for those who’re still unsure about interacting with people they don’t know, there are many creative ways to hand out candy to avoid disappointing the little ghouls in your neighborhood.

#1 Use a candy chute

This fresh idea originated last Halloween when dad Andrew Beattie of Cincinnati posted a photo of his 6-foot-long orange and black candy chute that he had strapped to the railing of his front porch. Social media then went wild sharing the idea and here we are a whole year later. While there has been little evidence to suggest that COVID transmission can happen by candy-to-bucket, this cool trick is a great way to keep distant while also having fun with this wild invention.

#2 Attach candy to a stick

Depending on the work you want to put into your handout, you could always prepare ahead of time by taping candy to a stick and placing those bundles out on your front lawn. Then, you can sit on your porch all bundled up and watch the kiddos from afar as they grab their favorites in cute or spooky costumes. You can thank Denver mom Wendy Reeves Winter for this ingenious idea!

#3 String candy on a clothesline

Do you have plans to rig a clothesline with goodie bags or candy bars clipped? That way you can send out each item piece-by-piece and stay involved with the fun of the evening. One of the most exciting parts about this festive occasion is seeing the excitement on the face of the trick-or-treaters and this spin-off allows minimal touching and optimal fun.

#4 Secret satan

Who said that the Halloween fun needs to be one night only? If you have some close family and friends who you see often, you could consider doing a secret satan candy exchange? Simply draw a name and drop off little goodie bags filled with items like candy or stickers.

#5 Have a witchy handout

Does imitating a witch excite your spirit? Well, bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble, this is your year to hand out candy, witch style. Place a cauldron full of candy as part of your front yard or porch set up and hand it out using a long ladle. How’s that for an idea?

If you’re local to the Las Vegas area, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming festivities hosted at our Halloween store!

Which of the above ideas is most exciting for you? Drop a comment below to share.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys