Many of us miss the thrilling, pictorial experience we receive from watching a horror film on the big screen, but amid a real-life pandemic, fans are making due by buying horror movies online to watch from the safety of their crypts. Nevertheless, as devoted admirers of the genre, we understand the need to fill your soul with something kooky and refreshing, which is why we thought you would appreciate knowing about the movies that have slipped through the cracks and out into the world of horror post-quarantine.

Black Water: Abyss

If you missed this relaxing return to the big screen, you might want to consider renting it for a stay-at-home movie night. Inspired by true events, the first installment entitled, Black Water, was released 13-years-ago and also involved a beast and some nasty bites. However, Black Water: Abyss, follows a group of spelunkers to an uncharted caving system in the forests of Northern Australia. As a tropical storm approaches, the band of adventure-lovers are forced to abseil into the mouth of the cave to take shelter underground. Although, when the cave starts to flood, tensions amid the group arise as they find themselves lost, disoriented, and trapped in the depths of a giant, ominous cave. The cavers soon discover they aren’t the only beings displaced by the storm, as the danger mounts and hungry crocodiles pit the friends against each other in a fight for survival.

The Wretched

Looking for a flick that pays homage to ‘80s horror? The Wretched was initially supposed to be released in May, but instead, this atmospheric chiller skyrocketed to America’s number one film by making a debut at drive-ins across the country! So, while you were busy binging a run-of-the-mill Netflix special, you could have been witnessing the malevolence of this wicked witch subgenre. The film sets the scene with a rebellious teenage boy named Ben, who’s sent to a small town for the summer to live with his Dad, post-divorce. Between working the marina and fending off the preppy locals, he discovers the neighbors next door are acting out of the ordinary, as their amnestic presence leads him to believe a sinister spirit has taken possession of their bodies and is now preying upon children to wipe away their existence. Chilling and suspenseful, there are a lot of dark corners found in the events followed by this terrifying plot sequence.


For fans who enjoy films with a speculative and futuristic concept, there was a new science fiction horror installment that was released onto video on demand (VOD)! The movie Shifter deviated from its original release date in March due to COVID-19 but is ready to shock viewers with a supernatural experience from the comforts of their homes. The story follows the painful and gruesome side effects of an experiment gone wrong after a young woman accidentally travels through time. It pushes the boundaries of horror and sci-fi and is bound to excite the senses! Who knows? You may even find yourself buying this horror movie online to add to your ever-growing collection of grim flicks!

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December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys