Regardless of whether you’re able to safely return to in-person lectures, a socially distant office space, or will continue studying and working from home in the coming weeks, there are loads of devilish accessories that make the “new normal” bearable. That’s right! Hurry on over to Nightmare Toys to see what grim collectibles best suit your horror-ific style and which ones you wouldn’t be caught dead with.

Buy horror collectibles online for school

While it’s unlikely that you attend a school that openly conducts exorcisms and demon conjuring demonstrations, that doesn’t mean that you can’t express your beloved interests among your instructors and peers. In fact, it’s all the more reason to buy some horror collectibles online to make class hair-raisingly inviting this fall.

Are you ready to add some grim elements to your post-secondary lectures? There are quite a few items at that will help you to summon new instruction to mind, including the most eerie-sistable pen toppers on the market. Choose from some dangerously popular characters on TV, like the Demogorgon from Stranger Things, or dive deeper in the realm of horror with a topper that looks exactly like Freddy Krueger. Now, if ghoulish writing utensils aren’t enough to ignite the devilish desire inside you, perhaps you’re in need of a new novel that can be later re-purposed as reference material for an upcoming paper? After all, learning is far easier when you can enhance your environment with some supernatural musings!

Buy horror collectibles online for work

All work and no play can make anyone go crazy and regardless of whether your office has recently come out of quarantine, or you simply want to revamp your at-home workspace, the addition of some thrillingly dark specters are the perfect physical elements to reward your darkened spirit. Below are some that we suggest.

Everyone possesses a set of keys and the only way to ensure they are easy to find (unless you have a skeleton key, of course) is to latch on an alluring keychain that can be spotted from afar. Consider a horror keychain to be a useful element of your horror collection, as well as a subtle keepsake that has an important function. If that doesn’t cut it, what other horror collectibles should acquire a rightful place on your desk?

Eating and drinking are probably some of the most important activities we do while on the clock, so why no assure that your beverage containers and serving ware reflect your apparitious interests? Indulge in a cup of coffee as black as your heart and eat the flesh of your favorite fruits from a lunch kit that puts a typical brown bag to shame.

What other accessories or supernatural memorabilia belongs in your study and work lives? Drop a comment below to inspire other collectors.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys