Indulge your genre geekiness with our spooktastic horror lunch boxes that will make you the coolest creepiest kid on the block, at work, and wherever you tote these awesome collectibles. They’re officially licensed, retro-styled tin totes that make it eco-friendly to pack your own lunch (no more paper bags!), and they can be repurposed for other essential carrying needs.

Friday the 13th

The sleek embossed visage of Jason Voorhees on this Friday the 13th metal tote is literally killer looking! Plus, nothing could be more fitting as a camping accessory! Along with the requisite S’mores ingredients, pack up the chocolate, protein bars, trail mix, juices, coconut water, and fruit, and don’t forget the dog treats if you’re hiking with your pup! Alternatively, use this lunch box to hold the little things, like a grinder, incense cones, and loose incense, charcoal tablets, matches or lighters, and small tea and votive candles. Jason will always have your back (heh!) when you keep playing cards, batteries, chargers, earbuds, backup flashlight, pocket multi-tool, and soaps in this!

Pennywise aka IT

Bill Skarsgård was terrifyingly terrific as Pennywise, but we can never forget Tim Curry from the original 1990 TV miniseries production of “IT”. The bright yellow and red colors outlining Curry’s Pennywise poses are certain to stand out wherever you place this tin. It’s one of the best and scariest horror lunch boxes to have, ideal for your collection of hair accessories, jewelry, puzzle and game pieces, paper rafts, and packs of red balloons.

Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man

Whimsical, adhorrible Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, we love you! This lunch box has “Ghostbusters” silhouettes and the logo ghost along the sides, and is clearly meant for fun! Use this to hold the EMF reader, infrared digital thermometer, old school tape recorder, journal, and pens, so you’re always ready for your own spirit investigations. Young kids will love to keep small toys, letter magnets, travel toys, Lego figurines, and even dance shoes in it. And kids of all ages have an awesome way to carry and display POP! figures!

Human Organ for Transplant

Doesn’t everyone need an easily identifiable box to store….parts? It’s entirely up to you what you keep in the Human Organ for Transplant lunch box, be it first-aid supplies, miniature HorrorNaments, or craft supplies for sewing, or for candle, soap, and jewelry making. This tin is also perfect for storing art supplies on a shelf or your desk, or for taking along to a coffee shop, when you need to be away to create. Chances are no one will steal your table if you leave it there while using the restroom or ordering your drink!

Which of these horror lunch boxes is your favorite? Tell us in the comments section below!


December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys