Funko Pop! figures have taken the world by storm, captivating the hearts of collectors and pop culture enthusiasts alike. These unique, stylized vinyl figures come in an array of designs, showcasing characters from various movies, television shows, games, and more. Here are ten interesting facts about Funko Pop! that you might not know, which will surely add some extra fun to your collecting experience.
  1. Humble beginnings: Funko Pop! figures were introduced in 2010, but the company itself was founded in 1998 by Mike Becker. Initially, Funko produced nostalgia-themed bobbleheads, starting with the Big Boy restaurant mascot. Today, Funko is a multi-million-dollar company, with Pop! figures being their most popular product line.

  2. The first Funko Pop! figures: The first wave of Funko Pop! vinyl figures consisted of four characters: Batman, Batgirl, Green Lantern, and Freddy Funko. This set the stage for a wide range of characters and franchises to be immortalized in Pop! form.

  3. The Pop! logo: The exclamation mark in the Funko Pop! logo was intentionally designed to represent the excitement and joy these figures bring to collectors.

  4. Freddy Funko - the mascot: Freddy Funko is the company's mascot and is often released as a limited-edition figure at various conventions and events. These exclusive figures can be highly sought-after and valuable among collectors.

  5. Limited editions and exclusives: Funko creates limited edition and exclusive Pop! figures for specific retailers, conventions, and events. These can be more rare and valuable than regular releases, and are often highly sought-after by collectors.

  6. The largest Funko Pop! collection: According to the Guinness World Records, Paul Scardino of Virginia, USA, holds the record for the largest Funko Pop! collection, boasting over 5,000 unique figures as of September 2021.

  7. Customization possibilities: Funko Pop! figures have inspired many artists to create custom designs by painting, sculpting, or modifying the original figures. These unique, one-of-a-kind creations can fetch high prices on the collector's market.

  8. The most expensive Funko Pop! figure: The rarest and most expensive Funko Pop! figure to date is the glow-in-the-dark Alex DeLarge from "A Clockwork Orange." A mint-condition figure has been known to sell for over $13,000.

  9. Funko goes Hollywood: In 2019, Funko opened its very own brick-and-mortar store, Funko Hollywood. This 40,000 square foot store is more than just a shopping destination, featuring life-size Pop! figures, interactive exhibits, and exclusive merchandise.

  10. Funko Pop! in the digital world: Funko has ventured into the digital realm with their mobile app, which allows collectors to track their collections, create wish lists, and connect with other enthusiasts. They also introduced digital Pop! figures called NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), offering collectors a new way to engage with their favorite characters.

Funko Pop! figures have significantly impacted the collectibles market, with their stylized designs and wide-ranging character options. These ten interesting facts provide a glimpse into the world of Funko, giving collectors and fans a deeper appreciation for these beloved vinyl figures. Happy collecting!

May 01, 2023 — Muhammad Nurul Afsar