Spring is in full swing and with better weather ahead it’s safe to say that your spooky persona can migrate from strictly inside activities to the great outdoors. Although it’s bright and sunny outside, your heart remains dark and thrives as such. That’s why you should bring your darkness out with the following horror activities. 

Hike into the witching hours

True horror lovers aren’t afraid of the dark, even though there’s something primitively scary about it. While we don’t usually encourage hiking after dark, there are specified trails that are safe for doing sure. Be sure to do your research and select something that isn’t too long and bring a headlamp so that you ensure the right footing. Since your visual senses are diminished, your other senses become heightened, which adds to the aura of mystery. Plus, you avoid large crowds and get the option to view either sunrise or sunset if timed accordingly. 

Make your own horror movie

If the Blair Witch Project can do it, why can’t you? Not only would it be fun to finally put your ideas into action but you don’t need to hire a huge crew when a mobile phone and editing app with do just fine. In addition, your horror action figures can finally be put to good use as props in your new movie. Just be sure to not get lost on your filming adventure. 

Take a zombie walk

While some larger cities are known to host zombie walk events, you don’t need a reason to dress like the living dead and go for a walk. Simply dust down your old clothes, splash on some costume makeup, and enjoy stalking the hoards of people that will likely hang around to film you. 

Have a graveyard adventure

Since many of our horror action figures belong among crypts, where better to take them to commune with spirits than your local graveyard? While this may seem like a strange way to spend the afternoon, it’s an interesting one if you’re brave enough to brace it at nightfall. Whether you scour the tombstones for cool names or keep your eyes peeled for unknown grave sights, each yard of bones is full of surprises. That said, be mindful of where you are and be sure to respect the dead.

What other outdoor horror activities do you plan to do this spring? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

April 28, 2023 — Alex Wilks