Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise

In honor of the fictional psychopath, horror-movie lovers everywhere will relish all things Freddy Krueger on Thursday, September 13, 2018. After all, they have been celebrating the gruesome serial killer on this day since the 1991 film was released — at the time, supposedly the final chapter of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. Whether you decide to sport a classic deep green and red striped sweater, sharpen your iconic blade replica or simply sink into your sofa and binge watch all the films, we know you’ll be commemorating Freddy’s undying legacy in some way. Here are some suggestions.

Dress up as Freddy to celebrate

One of the best ways that you could show the ultimate dead-ication to your Nightmare on Elm Street franchise fandom would be to dress up as the slashing villain. The Freddy Krueger Deluxe Costume is as credible as it gets, shredded edges and all. Once you dress the part, you must then look the part. Use your creativity to apply your very own Freddy Krueger makeup or to make it easy simply slip on a mask of the burnt killer. As a final touch, pair the ensemble with a convincingly designed bladed glove to complete your authentic Freddy Krueger look.

Have a Nightmare on Elm Street Marathon

Perhaps the best way to pay tribute to the devilish sinner would be to watch him terrorize innocent victims in their nightmares. Grab yourself a bowl of popcorn, cuddle into your fleecy Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy’s Boiler Room Blanket and binge watch the collection start to finish. For the added convenience of not needing to switch over your disks, get your hands on a box set that contains all the classics films — Nightmare on Elm street (1984) all the way up to the crossover movie, Freddy vs. Jason (2003).

How will you be celebrating the Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise on Freddy Krueger Day? Tell us in the comments section below.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys