Since there aren’t any good new horror movies airing this April Fool’s Day, why not focus your attention on the practical jokes and hoaxes of a comedy flick? Nah! Instead, we will shower fans with a couple of films guaranteed to provide a good scare. After all, your cold hearts need a good thawing out post-winter and these two cinematic thrillers have 20+ ways to jump-start that black heart of yours.

Scream 3 (2000): Jump Count – 23

Third installments in a franchise mean three times the scares, right? While good new horror movies are always on our radar, nothing beats a classic. Scream 3 takes place three years after the original predecessor and follows protagonist Sidney Prescott, who has been living in isolation, as she is drawn to Hollywood where a Ghostface wannabe has been killing cast members of Stab 3. With 23 jump scares (2 major, 21 minor), this film is certainly worth a re-watch!

Listed below are the jump scare times:

00:05:21 – Ghostface appear in front of Christine.

00:22:14 – During a nightmare Sidney is having, Ghostface jumps up from behind a window and attacks her.

00:23:34 – As a prank, Tyson scares Sarah.

00:26:56 – Sarah is startled by a Ghostface costume hanging on a rack.

00:39:52 – The bodyguard puts his band on Gale’s shoulder.

00:42:35 – Ghostface appears behind the bodyguard.

00:43:19 – Jennifer startles Dewey and Gale, several seconds later they are startled again by Angelina and Tom.

00:46:10 – Ghostface pops out from behind the car.

00:47:15 – Jennider yellws out as Dewet and Fale go to kiss each other.

00:52:55 – A girl steps out of a caravan, startling the group.

00:56:38 – Jennifer surprises Gale.

01:04:50 – Ghostface appears at the window behind Sidney.

01:05:24 – Ghostface opens a door inside the house.

01:20:13 – Dewey and Tyson bump into each other.

01:21:24 – Gale backs into Jennifer.

01:21:42 – Angelina bursts out of a door surprising Gale and Jennifer

01:22:15 – Angelina turns a corner and runs into Ghostface.

01:22:52 – Ghostface suddenly appears, interrupting Dewey.

01:25:18 – Ghostface grabs Gale.

01:32:52 – Ghostface enters the room.

01:34:17 – Ghostface appears once more behind Sidney.

01:43:01 – Roman suddenly attacks Mark.

01:46:35 – Roman jumps up off the ground and runs at Sidney

The Nun (2018): Jump Count – 21

As a spin-off/prequel to 2016’s The Conjuring 2, the plot of The Nun follows the mysterious death of two sisters at an Abby in 1952 Romania. When the Vatican hears of the horrific news, a Roman Catholic priest and a nun are sent to uncover the unholy secrets of the Abbey. In total, there are 21 jump scares (eight major and 13 minor) in The Nun. So, while the demon storyline has a few flaws, the film itself is worth re-watching just to get the heart pumping.

Listed below are the jump scare times:

00:03:22 – A bloodied hand comes out of the darkness startling the praying nun.

00:03:40 – The nun on the ground is pulled away in the darkness.

00:06:50 – The corpse of the nun hanging from the rope suddenly drops to the ground as a group of ravens fly away.

00:28:04 – The camera pans around Frenchie several times before a nun’s corpse drops from a tree knocking him to the ground.

00:39:50 – After watching a shadowy figure move across the room, Irene looks up at the statue of Jesus when Valek suddenly appears behind her, shattering glass.

00:42:47 – Shortly after lighting a match in the coffin, Burke hears some noises and Valek’s hands grab him and pull.

00:46:39 – A nun grabs Irene by the hand as she approaches the praying nuns.

00:56:00 – After Burke touches the veil of the abbess, she suddenly turns to reveal she has been possessed by Valek.

00:58:13 – After Irene picks up a bead from the floor, a nun is standing directly behind her.

01:01:24 – As Irene looks at the rosary, Valek’s hands break through the wall behind her.

01:01:43 – As a screaming Irene flees, a hand is placed over her mouth by one of the nuns.

01:04:07 – As Burke walks towards the exorcised boy, Valek suddenly appears.

01:05:43 – We see a top-down shot of the nuns praying together in a circular pattern. The scene briefly goes quiet before an unseen force flings the nuns across the room.

01:07:10 – After Burke investigates the ringing noise, a hand reaches out of the ground in front of him.

01:11:29 – After Irene begins to pray a possessed nun attacks the group.

01:18:36 – Something roars at Frenchie from the darkness as he walks through the catacombs.

01:19:14 – A faceless nun appears behind Irene. As she turns around to talk to it another nun appears from the side and attacks her.

01:22:08 – Frenchie hears a noise as he moves through the group of nuns.

01:22:29 – There is another slight scare as the nun’s head jerks down behind where Frenchie is standing.

01:23:18 – As Frenchie approaches Irene she suddenly looks up and roars revealing she has been possessed.

01:24:26 – The possessed boy from the exorcism drops down behind Burke.

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Which of the above movie suggestions have you decided to rewatch this April Fool’s Day? Drop a comment below to compare with other readers.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys