As horror movie fans, we can all agree that the biggest thrill comes from the kill. After all, we don’t watch installments from the Halloween franchise to see the victims make it through the night. That said, classic horror cinema has come a long way, with more tension and terror needed at the front stage to continue to excite audiences. Whether you adore Jason Voorhees and his machete-wielding mystery or Freddy Krueger and his undying ability to terrorize our dreams, unless you spend time counting the blood splatter, it’s hard to know which horror movie icons have the highest kill counts. That’s why we ranked them in the blog below.

Jason Voorhees – 151 Kills

It probably comes as no surprise, but Jason Voorhees has accumulated quite a high body count after starring in 12 Friday the 13th films; even though his mother Pamela Voorhees was the original Camp Crystal Lake killer. As one of the top horror movie icons and critically acclaimed slasher villains, his rise to fame came when he picked up that hockey mask in Friday the 13th Part III: 3D. Not only is this brute a force to not be reckoned with, but the franchise is equally as popular, with a huge selection of memorabilia available for purchase ongoing.

Michael Myers – 133 Kills

Another notorious murderer on our list of horror movie icons is Michael Myers, otherwise known as, “The Shape”. This seemingly unkillable villain has roughly 133 kills under his belt, however, this number may not have considered the recent trilogy. Since there are very few people who manage to escape the clutches of Michael’s vengeance, it only makes sense that he remains a prominent figure for the genre. As the personification of evil and unstoppable, supernatural terror, our selection of Halloween keepsakes continues to grow and excite collectors everywhere.

Jigsaw – 60 Kills

While the Saw franchise’s horror movie icon is undeniably spooky, it’s not the puppet that you need to worry about. The man behind the mask will argue that he has never killed any of his victims, while horror fans know that his ploy to teach lessons has left many in bloodshed. That said, this contemporary horror film has grown a high body count in far less time than its classic counterparts, making Jigsaw quite a deadly villain. With seven films, one origin story, and a recent chapter added to the franchise just last year, the tale of a criminal mastermind, his Billy puppet, and twisted new games continue to provide thrills on the big screen and in our hearts. While we would love to have more merch available from this franchise, our limited selection is popular and selling fast.

Freddy Krueger – 39 Kills

Don’t let his low kill count fool you, it’s far harder to slay victims in their sleep! However, lulling casualties into a state of exhaustion is what Freddy Krueger does best. While monsters like the ones mentioned above can accumulate bodies at a higher rate, Freddy Krueger is the villain who has stretched the limits of what true horror movie icons are capable of, going after people in a state where they have less control and ability to escape. With eight A Nightmare on Elm Street movies and a reboot later, this burn victim brings the slash in slasher, as does the exciting lineup of relics representing his journey that are available for purchase now!

Which of the above horror movie icons do you have on your collector’s shelves? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys