Toast the Holiday's Dark Side with These Christmas Horror Movies

When the outside weather is frightful, and you’re snuggled up on the couch, wearing fuzzy socks and cozy jammies, it’s the perfect time to watch some holiday classics. Check everywhere someone can hide, and settle in with these Christmas horror movies that remind us of the darker tones the season can take.

Killer Santa

Christmas sadly does bring out the worst in some. In the Mary Woronov and John Cassadine flick, Silent Night, Bloody Night, and in Don’t Open Till Christmas, wearing a Santa suit can get you killed! Then there are films that show another side to the jolly man in red who tolerates screaming babies, nippy pets, and garish mall displays. It’s demons and darkness galore in Santa’s Slay and the ghost-zombie, Krampus, and William Shatner fuelled A Christmas Horror Story.

Also offsetting Santa’s jovial nature are the maniacs who like to dress as him while doing their compulsory deeds. Watch sorority girls and other “naughty” victims miss out on presents in Black X-Mas, To All a Good Night, Silent Night (the 2012 remake of the original Silent Night, Deadly Night), and Christmas Evil. In Once Upon a Time at Christmas, the killer gets a just as crazy Mrs. Claus sidekick because a “12 Days of Christmas” murder spree is better with twice the intent.

Possessed Holiday Icons

Not all Christmas horror movies center around December 25th, but are blood-spattered takes on beloved figures. Mix bits from SyFy bio-hazard movies with elements of Chucky, and you get Jack Frost. He’s the complete antithesis to Frosty the Snowman, and an entirely different story than the eponymously named Michael Keaton tearjerker.

Demonstrating once again how serial killers will use any means to come back to life, the Gingerdead Man is a cult spin on what can happen to a favorite Winter cookie. It’ll be hard to not hear Gary Busey’s voice the next time you bake and decorate gingerbread.

Family Chills and Thrills

Don’t forget about quality time with the younger ones. The enduring enchantment of Gremlins, and The Nightmare Before Christmas appeal to all ages, while the PG-13 Krampus is a light introduction to the horror genre for tweens. All three of these also have hints of what happens when you don’t believe, so be careful what those sugarplum dreams are made of on Xmas Eve!

What are your favorite Christmas movies? Tell us in the comments section below!

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys